Steps to be followed to install Raspbian Os in Raspberry Pi is as Follows:

First we need to have the below things to install OS

  1. SD Card
  2. Sd Card Reader
  3. Win 32 Disk Image
  4. Sd Card Formatter
  5. Raspbian Os Image


Step 1: First thing we need to insert SD card into SD card Reader

Step 2: We need to download SD card For-matter software

After downloading the software install it.

Step 3: Open the software SD card Formatter

sd card formatter

When you open SD card Formatter it looks like this , as shown above.

It will show the Drive and size of the SD card and volume .The first step is we need to format the Sd card just by clicking On format Button on SD card Formatter.Once its successfully completes the formatting we need to check the actual size of the disk.

Step 4: Download Win32 Disk Image Software and Install it

after downloading Unzip and Install the software and open it.Win32 Disk Image

Step 5  : Finally we need to download to download OS (Raspbian Os)

There are two kinds of OS

  • Noobs
  • Raspbian

Raspbian OS: It consists of two types

  1. Raspbian Jessie With Pixel
  2. Raspbian Jessie Lite

Download the OS using the below link

Once you download it and unzip it . Next step is open the Win 32 Disk Image to write the OS , here i have downloaded the Raspbian Jessie with Pixel OS Image

image rasp write

Select the Path of the OS(Raspbian Jessie . Img) and click on Write button it will start writing and it takes 5-10 Minutes time to complete. Once it completes 100% successfully writing the OS, just unplug the SD card reader.

Step 6: Insert the SD card into the Raspberry Pi and on the Power and start working on It.